Vinyl Pull No. 81 Eide’s Entertainment Volume 2

Eide's Entertainment top ten graphic novels

Do you think that you’re too old for comics? I doubt that you are–you could be too stupid like me.  When I first heard the term graphic novel, I didn’t know what they were. I am almost embarrassed to admit, even to myself, what I pictured in my mind.  When I figured it out and read The Watchmen I was amazed.  It is one of my favorite novels, of any kind, of all time. I subsequently read several other of Alan Moore’s work such as V for Vendetta and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and really enjoyed everything I have read by him.


As I get older my right testicle is getting to be a very onery bugger.  Its sneaking down and trying to crawl into my anus, but I’m still not too old for comics! AND I could argue it is an obvious sign of my maturity that I am able to talk about that issue publicly. If it gets any sneakier, I might need surgery, and as I recover I could read the books on this list, graciously given by Eide’s Entertainment of Pittsburgh.  The best comic/record/book/movie store I have ever been to and maybe the best one in the country. With 4 floors of treasures you almost need a whole day to digest it all.  I will go back to Pittsburgh for this store alone.   This is the second list they have given us and it is one that I will certainly use.  Check it out now!


Top Ten Graphic Novels




DAREDEVIL (Both Frank Miller and Bendis/Maleev)









I have only read three of these, The Dark Knight Returns, Sandman and as I mentioned before The Watchmen.  I look forward to reading the rest.  I just finished a Watchmen spinoff, Rorschach and liked it really well, especially the artwork.  One thing that has kept me from reading more graphic novels is my ignorance of which books to pick.  I can’t think of a better place to get suggestions than Eide’s.  I can’t think of a better place to get a hand job than the parking lot of an AutoZone—but that is beside the point.

I hope to see all of Eide’s lists on TriYou which is getting ready to by be launched publicly any day now.

To give you a better idea of just how great Eide’s is check out this link

If you really want to know, go there. When I was there they suggested one to me, Kingdom Come, and I still need to read it.  I am kind of saving it because I anticipate liking it so much, and because I am a piece of shit that hasn’t gotten through the library books I have borrowed.

Now I really want to read Batman Hush, I had never heard of it before Eide’s, they mentioned that one while I was there as well, I will put it on my list too.

I have to go know and spoon my little buddy out of my shitbox.

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  1. I used to regretfully believe it was too late for me to enter the world of comics because I didn’t climb aboard during my youth and the gap between my nuts and anus is dwindling as I write this. However it is never too late and what a list to get started. Thanks!

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