Vinyl Pull No. 80–80s Soundtracks From Wizard Wax


Well, as you all know I am a huge fan of Rocky 3.  Often if I put together my top ten movies it looks like this:

  1. Rocky 3
  2. Rocky 3
  3. Rocky 3
  4. Rocky 3
  5. Rocky 3
  6. Rocky 3
  7. Rocky 3
  8. Rocky 3
  9. Rocky 3
  10. Citizen Kane

I might take out  number 10 because as far as I can remember there aren’t any oiled chests in that film and all films, in order to be great, need to include at least one oiled chest.

Jex, the new owner of Wizard Wax records gave us a wonderful list of 80’s soundtracks and to my great surprise and pleasure it included Rocky 3!!!! You know that is a great boxing movie because there isn’t one jab thrown in the whole thing, and it has Thunderlips—The Ultimate Male.  I have considered getting my name legally changed to Thunderlips but have yet to find the courage.  Enough about me! Let’s now look at Jex’s list:


My top 10 movie soundtrack records from the 80’s 

Goonies movie soundtrack


Top Gun 

Back to the Future

Rocky 3

Beetle Juice


St Elmo’s Fire




A great list in my opinion.  Two I can think of, that I like, off the top of my head are from John Hughes’ films, The Breakfast Club and Weird Science, but those are pretty obvious.  I happen to be on the hunt for an 80s Soundtrack and that is an original Full Metal Jacket LP.  I have not run across one in a while but a lot of the fun is going and hunting at great record stores like Wizard Wax, here is a little bit more about just that:


Wizard Wax,commonly referred to as “The Wizard” is a jem of the city, known for its $3 LP bins and variety of 45s, as well as diversity of comics, and Jex Arzayus said he will continue to build off the customer base already established. But, he’s also committed to something more.      



“As a Latinx transman, I want the store to reflect everything I am. I want it to be queer and BIPoC focused and artistic, and I want people to come into the store and find comics and records they can’t find anywhere else. I also want the Wizard to be a hub for queer and BIPoC artists to gather and feel supported,” said Jex. He added, “And we’ll be a site where you can sign the petition to get community control of the police in Minneapolis. Transphobic violence is at an all-time high and business owners can do their part to create a safe world for everyone.”

Phone number for wizard wax is 6094802838

3006 36th ave s Minneapolis MN 55406


Thanks to Jex for the great list.  Check out Wizard Wax here

Or better yet in person!

2 thoughts on “Vinyl Pull No. 80–80s Soundtracks From Wizard Wax

  1. Something needs to be cut from that list to include The Breakfast Club as well as the Pretty In Pink Soundtrack. I’d suggest removing the Grease soundtrack (automatic disqualification due to its release in 1978) but it’s a tough choice to choose a second title to remove in order to include both Pretty In Pink and The Breakfast Club — perhaps like the amps in Spinal Tap this list should go to 11.

    Oh, damn.
    The Spinal Tap soundtrack was released in 1984 and now we need to find a way to get it on the list too!

  2. Great and interesting list! Also, I love the inclusivity that the store promotes…need more like it out there.

    PS- I think I would include Dirty Dancing in mine…mostly for nostalgic reasons but there are a couple of great songs.

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