Vinyl Pull No. 71 Garage Days

Conway Twitty Tin Plate

I went to a community garage sale over the weekend, or more accurately I went to several garage sales in the tight little butthole of a community that a grew up in. Now I would not call myself an expert on garage sales but I have learned some little nuances that can help and, in some instances, even make them more exciting—did you think that was possible, given they are already at least as stimulating as premature ejaculation!

I feel I owe it to you, my favorite people, to share one of the things I have learned in my garage sale experiences.  Perhaps my favorite “secret” is that almost always, if the sale holder also has a lemonade stand in their yard or driveway, you can give the lady of the house a wink and say, “I’m sorry but I really have to move my bowels”.  This will almost certainly get you invited inside the residence where you can “breastfeed” from said lady while the gentleman of the house will warm you up a can of green beans in the microwave. Where you go from there will entirely depend on your sense of adventure and your negotiating skills.

What does this have to do with vinyl you may ask.  It has to do with life, and vinyl records are a part of mine as well as yours I assume….also I picked up what I consider some really good finds for really cheap. Let me tell you now.

The Good the Bad and the Ugly soundtrack in mint condition for 50 cents.  I think most all of you are familiar with that one and are probably proud of me for my find.

The Midnight Cowboy soundtrack.  Probably the most famous song on that one is “Everybody’s Talkin” , penned by Fred Neil but on this album sung by Nilsson.  If you have never heard of Fred Neil his self-titled album that was released in 1966 is worth checking out.  It was brought to my attention by Tom Butler of CD 92.9 when he was generous enough to give us his top ten album list.  That list is posted under VinylPull No. 62.  If you have not checked that out, I suggest you do, you just may find a great album you have never heard, I did!

I also picked up an album called Persuasive Percussion.  I had no idea what it is but the cover is really cool and it was also only 50 cents.  I listened briefly but was not blown away, but again, I’m only out half a dollar.

The last find was an album simply titled Nashville Steel Guitars and it is pretty great.  It’s just a bunch of instrumentals but there is some really great playing on there.  I think I’m going pass that one along to my Dad—he will like it better than me I think.  He also used to like to pork my mother, I do believe.

The best find of all is not a record but it is music related.  It is the tin plate pictured above.  Why in the world would anyone get rid of that?  It can have several uses, and not just sexual ones.

For instance, you could take a shit on it at a picnic.

34 thoughts on “Vinyl Pull No. 71 Garage Days

  1. It’s a beautiful day for a picnic. I’ll bring coffee and cigarettes if you bring Conway?

  2. Next time I warm up some green beans I will be thinking of you.
    Also in the past if I had a garage sale and put 25 cents on an item, some one would always say “Would you take 20 cents. “. I can’t deal with that anymore

  3. My dad took a massive shit on a photo from my grandpa when he was in WW2 at a family picnic once. Thanks for the stroll down memory lane💕

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