Vinyl Pull No. 7

The opening of this one, Pencil Rot, could be a precursor to what Malkmus did much later on Groove Denied—an album that I love, but it seems that I am in the minority on that one (will do a vinyl pull on that album shortly). When this L.P. came out, I listened to it exclusively on compact disc—I now have no idea where that c.d. is, as is the case with most of my collection. I know where the vinyl is, it’s on my turntable right now. Back then my song of choice on Face the Truth was No More Shoes, a song Malkmus might call a long jammer—once in concert I heard Malkmus refer to his guitar tune 1% of 1 as a long jammer. No More Shoes certainly does jam and has great guitar playing and I still love it, almost just as much as I did then.

…but I am getting old and presently I would have to choose Freeze the Saints as my favorite, if I had to pick just one—there are no duds on this album and I daresay if you listen many tunes will get stuck in your head for days to come. Back to Freeze the Saints which I consider one of his most beautiful tracks and that is no easy feat. It stands up against anything I think, words cannot do it justice, listen here

You fucking loved it didn’t you? You better have. If you are at all unfamiliar with Stephen Malkmus, I suggest you start with Pavement and just move right along in chronological order. I consider him one of the best song writers of all time, and now so do you, and I am very glad we have that in common. Let’s go out for some coffee and Robitussin and we can do hand stuff to each other.

No More Shoes is playing now—Fuck! Maybe it is still my favorite. Malkmus can go from Beatles like melodies to a Sabbath tone on a dime, who else can do that? Not many. Here that song is:

Also Face the Truth has great artwork and inner sleeve designs which just adds to its appeal, but I will Face the Truth and just say it is the music that matters and the music on this one speaks for itself.

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