Vinyl Pull No. 67 The Vinyl Crawl Winner

Bad News Bears Winning

Let’s talk about winning.

Winning like Charlie Sheen– where you snort half a barrel of cocaine, slug 19 scotches and fuck a stop sign.

I haven’t ever won that big.  I tried at Future Farmers of America, but I got kicked out for trying to stroke off a Billy goat. I’m lying, I was never in FFA but my mom’s new puppy does keep trying to have sex on my shoulder.  I consider that a win, especially since I’m usually not made up or even showered and he still likes me.

Now, we should discuss a much better win and that is the winner of the Grand Prize of the Vinyl Crawl—which included the 10-inch version of Kid A, a new copy of The White Album, a bunch of gift cards to the local record stores, t-shirts and other cool shit.  We voted on our favorite top ten album list to determine the winner and that list belonged to Kristen, here is that list now:


  1. The Downward Spiral – NIN
  2. Machine Gun Etiquette – The Damned
  3. Kid A- Radiohead
  4. The Rise & Fall of Ziggy Stardust & the Spiders from Mars – David Bowie
  5. Juju – Siouxsie and the Banshees 
  6. In the Aeroplane Over the Sea – Neutral Milk Hotel
  7. Gorillaz – Gorillaz
  8. Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath
  9. Led Zeppelin III – Led Zeppelin
  10. Within & Without – Washed Out


A great fucking list, right? Of course, it is. That is why we voted it number one. This is definitely among my favorite lists we have received here at VinylPull and we have got some good ones thus far.  It is just the type I’m looking for where it has some of my very favorites, Kid A (on my top ten list), The Downward Spiral, Led Zeppelin III, Black Sabbath and Ziggy Stardust. Some I need to give more attention to, Gorillaz and the Damned and one I had never heard of– Washed Out-Within & Without—I just started listening to it yesterday!

Based on this above list, I would really be curious as to what Kristen’s top ten lists in Movies, Books and TV series would be, as well as what she is currently listening to, reading and watching.  All that you will be able to do on TriYou and I hope to see all her lists on TriYou as well as anyone that is reading this.

In my experience when someone has a really good album list, they also have very interesting movie and book lists too. I want to put that to the test with TriYou and I think it will prove my assumption valid.

If anyone wants to share a list put it in the contact form and we will try and post it.

The above one will be hard to beat, I think.


Something unrelated.  Has anyone seen a video of the members of Color Me Badd fornicating with Georgia Satellites?

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  1. Such a great list. I’m currently listening to the Judgement Night soundtrack which I believe is much better than the movie. I am currently reading The Way of Kings series by Sorenson. Looking forward to creating top ten list.

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