Black Sabbath Vol 4 vinyl

I can only imagine that the level of curiosity is very high. Huff gas and punch your mother high.  I won’t keep you waiting any longer.  We do have an answer to the question that has been eating us out since the last post. Yes, my dad and I did get a Sansui in the mouth and ass!

It just took a little cleaning and the receiver works great.  It is on the lower end of the Sansui line but it sounds wonderful.  My dad has a nice set up in his living room and he is always telling me he has very soft, but long balls.  Never mind that though, about his stereo he has a great Pioneer turntable from the 60s and a pair of vintage Pioneer speakers along with a pair or vintage Marantz speakers.  This weekend he hooked it all up to the Sansui in the mouth and ass and it sounded great.  He first put on an album by Chet Atkins and then Paco De Lucia—he is almost solely into first class guitar players now and he is also into calling me a feckless little pussy hole.


I asked him what feckless meant and also to put on something a little harder to test this fucker out.  He opted for Black Sabbath Vol. 4. Now Black Sabbath holds a special place for me among hard rock bands, when I was about 5 The Wizard was my favorite song.  My parents had a black 84 Grand Prix with an 8-track player.  At first, they only had two tapes, Black Sabbath Vol. 1 and a Christopher Cross tape-the one with Sailing.  My dad told me not to listen to that Christopher Cross shit.

Also, when my daughter was about 2 or 3 if we couldn’t get her to sleep, we would take her for a car ride and the only thing that worked was blasting Wicked World at max volume and she would be out like a light.  My two favorite Sabbath Albums are 1 and 4, but today I will speak about 4 since that is what we tested out the Sansui in the mouth and ass with.


First, it has one of my favorite album covers of all time, pictured above.  It starts off blasting you with a great tune, Wheels of Confusion/The Straightener and then right into Tomorrow’s Dream before throwing a curveball with a great and unexpected slow piano number from them–Changes. I realize I am basically just listing the album from track to track but after Changes they take you into some weird noises with FX and that is a perfect lead into one of my favorite Sabbath songs ever, shit one of my favorite songs ever, Supernaut. LISTEN!

If you don’t like that, I don’t like you. Or at the very least we can’t French Kiss!

If you have never listened to Vol. 4 go get it right now.  Leon recently bought a good used copy at The Needle Exchange and I know I have seen it at RPM and Lost Weekend.

Here is another of my favorites off the album–Cornucopia:


The whole album is very, very solid and it’s amazing that it came out in 1972.  Interesting enough, in the liner notes they thank cocaine and I read somewhere that they were doing it by the detergent box full.  Maybe that is why they seemed to peak at Vol 4 for me, just too much too fast.

Get this album and listen to it and try a Sansui in the mouth and ass.  I know at RPM they have a beautiful Sansui receiver for sale, it looks perfect for the mouth and ass.

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  1. Supernaut is one of my favorites as well. This album kicks ass . Christopher Cross and Black Sabbath tapes in the same car , wow two worlds collide. Sabbath wins .

  2. You repeatedly saying, “Sansui in the mouth and ass” while grocery shopping last night now makes complete sense.

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