Vinyl Pull No. 59

David Bowie Hunky Dory Vinyl

I got the flu this week.  I think I know the culprit; it was me.  I have toned down the language on these blogs and I am now paying the price.  I have, for all practical purposes, poisoned myself. It’s now coming out like a dick-sneeze.  I have also neglected my bush.

Fuckface, ass-twat, needlnose, condom loaf!

That is not enough, I still have a low-grade fever and snorting percoset is not helping.  I have to say it now and with no apology.  I LIKE MY FAT BUSH.  I do, it has the splendid personality of a rabid chipmunk and in the right light has a beautiful pinkish hue. I am going to frost the tips and pierce both its ears and get it some Nike Air Max’s and a case of Bud Light AND an eight-month tanning package.  That is the only way I think I can get well, a wonderful distraction and a shit-purge.    Does this rant remind you of a specific album? Me too! I hate to be so obvious, but it is…. Sixteen Stone by Bush.

JK, LOL, Sorry So Sloppy, ROTFBF.  The last one is new. Can you guess it? Yep, rolling on the floor butt-fucking.

The real album is, Hunky Dory by David Bowie.  That is how I hope to feel very soon after I post this and I think you will too.  This is the second album that I really dug into by Bowie, after Ziggy Stardust.  I am a little embarrassed that I didn’t get real heavy into his music until after watching The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou in the theater.  One track in the movie and on that album is Life on Mars?

There is not a dud on the album, and it has Beatlesque melodies on songs like Changes and Oh! You Pretty Things.  I think Hunky Dory exemplifies what a brilliant songwriter Bowie was and for me this is probably the release that showed the world what was coming.  It is hard for me to pick favorite songs on this album because there are so many gems.  I’m particularly fond of Queen Bitch and if for some bizarre reason you have never heard it you are in for a treat:

There isn’t a song called Fat Bush on the album but if there was, I’m sure I would like it too.  I don’t get the album out much anymore, I have an older version I picked up at Lost Weekend years ago and I try to keep it in good shape, same as my Fat Bush—along with the tanning package I got it a gym membership.

A great thing about Bowie is there are so many great albums to choose from.  Currently I’m into Scary Monsters and Low, both I would like to have on vinyl—the list of records I need just seems to get longer and longer.  If you don’t have Hunky Dory on vinyl, I suggest you check out the record store links we provide and get it.


P.S. Years back I bartended with my cousin Seth and he like to barge into the managers office yelping and wincing in pain and when they asked what was wrong he would fake agony and say, “I think I broke my condom.”

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