I just read that Johnny Depp alleged that his ex -wife took a shit in their bed, but before anyone jumps to judgement it could have been one of her friends—and she claims it was the dogs. Also, as I have mentioned before, I took a shit in the neighbor’s yard very early one Sunday morning after the bars closed.  Before anyone rushes to judgement it was only a rental, and they did not keep up with the landscaping.

I have just started a relationship with David at Elizabeth’s Records and thus far I don’t see any indication that either of us is going to shit in the other’s bed—probably not even in the other’s toilet…. but don’t be sad it’s not that kind of relationship.

David owns a great little record shop, Elizabeth’s at 3037 Indianola Ave. very close to Studio 35.  I had just recently found out that the Elizabeth’s existed and have now been there a few times.  I have to say I love it, and by relationship, I mean we have talked about music and records a couple times.  What I appreciated most was that there was no pretention and it was a natural conversation that didn’t feel at all that he was trying to sell something, probably because he wasn’t.

Elizabeth’s specializes in used records and has a great selection at great prices.  I found an Eric Dolphy live release there for only 8 dollars, one of the best deals I have found in a long time and it’s a great recording.  If you have not been to Elizabeth’s, go there!

My girlfriend loves the cat that roams around the store, she also loves it when I shit in her bed.

That reminds me when I was in high school a Mormon family moved into the neighborhood that had five boys.  The 2nd oldest liked to drink and when he was drunk would shit his pants when he passed out.  One night his parents found him in the bathtub fully naked with shit all over himself.  That’s it.  I thought I would share that with you.

Now here is something with no shit. David was kind enough to share his top ten album list with us and I think it is outstanding, and I know it was hard to limit it to ten, so I really appreciate it.

Here it is:

My top ten is usually pretty fluid but here are some solids:


King Crimson- Larks Tongues in Aspic

CAN – Future Days

Sonic Youth – Washing Machine 

The Clash – London Calling

Fleetwood Mac – Future Games

David Bowie – Low

Miles Davis – Sketches of Spain

Roxy Music – Manifesto

Beatles – Revolver

Rolling Stones – Let it Bleed

That’s definitely the low hanging fruit!


Personally, I am very impressed by this list, particularly Washing Machine and Low, both of which I need on vinyl!  This is a great example of what our sister app TriYou (out soon) is for.  I now want to investigate the Can album, King Crimson and Roxy Music and I will.

I also want to shit in somebody else’s pants.


Check out Elizabeth’s Records here:


51 thoughts on “Vinyl Pull No. 58

  1. Elizabeth’s is great. I recently picked up Funkdoobiest there which I had the CD in high school. I sent a screenshot of the album cover to a childhood friend Will and asked if he remembered the band. He said we skipped school and did bong hits at my house while blasting it on my Pioneer. Great memories and much thanks to David. I’m going to really enjoy listening to records from his list starting with the one I’m least familiar with. King Crimson.

  2. Jonesy is the best creature to ever grace a record store and I’m not even a cat person. Elizabeth’s is great too 🙂

    This is a cool list!!

  3. That’s a lot of poop talk! Not sure if there’s an alternative narrative buried there, but thanks for the kind words in between the poop talk. FYI: Elizabeths Record’s does NOT have a public restroom.

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