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Another blog about lists you stupid asshole, you may ask.  Yes! I will answer.  Here is a list of five things I fucking hate, in no particular order, for continuity’s sake.


People in minivans who speed

Dry humping someone on speed

Opened box French ticklers

Librarians with huge dicks

Anything Ted Nugent says


Now here is something I love! And it is Ian’s Top Ten list!  He owns a wonderful little record store with phenomenal selection and phenomenal prices– The Needle Exchange located at 4290 Indianola Ave Suite 201, Columbus, OH 43214.  Go There.  Ian made a very interesting list of his favorite 80s synth pop albums, and it is particularly good for me since I know dog shit about them. He also included a great little description/blurb about each pick.  Here are his first five in his own words:


In no particular order. I don’t play favorites.


The Flying Lizards “Top 10”

This band had a chart-topping hit with their cover of Barret Strong’s early Motown banger “Money” and quickly fizzled. But they knew what they were good at and made it a focal point of their second and final LP “Top 10”, covering early 60’s pop and r&b tunes in nearly unrecognizable synth and drum machine arrangements. Incredibly fun stuff.


Wham “Make it Big”

Started with something somewhat obscure so now I gotta keep people interested with a certified hood classic. There is just so much joy put into the production of this record. It really hits you over the head with the commercial idealism that came along with shopping malls in the 80’s. I mean, fuck the mall but this is a staple on cassette in the car for me.


Laurie Anderson “Big Science”

For another record with the word “big” in the title, this is in fact the antithesis of that. A Lou Reed protégé, Laurie Anderson constructed this beautiful portrait of minimalism. “O Superman” is built just using vocal samples and vocoder. Laurie walked so imogen heap could run.


Human League “Dare”

So much more than the hits, that band. A perfect sophomore effort. Front to back. This is one of those records that I used to pick up for $5 or less and give away to friends that would come over to my apartment for after parties. Nothing more to say, if you haven’t – do.


Toni Basil “Word of Mouth”

It’s almost sacrilegious that I didn’t dedicate a spot on this list to a DEVO record. They are in my top 10 favorite bands of all time but GUESS WHAT?! “Word of Mouth” is in fact, a back door DEVO record. Mark Mothersbaugh and one of the bob’s play on about half of this record and a good portion of the other half are “Hardcore DEVO” covers!!

Fucking awesome isn’t it! I will also answer that for you, YES!


Ian is also in a band, Terrestrials (the album I have by them is wonderful and will post about that soon) and they are playing at Half Baked Brewery on May 6th

Now go to the Needle Exchange and buy some of these albums! You can also find them on Instagram @needleexchangerecords.

Remember, Ian don’t play favorites and I don’t dance Sundays!

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  1. Having been born in 77 the 80s were a significant influence on me particularly in music, movies and fashion, and the unfortunate guilt trip that Nancy Reagan implanted in my subconscious. “I learned it from watching you Dad” More importantly what I learned from Ian’s list is great. Some of these I haven’t heard since Casey Kasem’s American Top 40, and some I’ve never heard and looking forward to some 80s comfort music. Thanks and Cheers Ian!

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