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I was recently at Used Kids Records, a great record store in Columbus and I think great by any city’s standards.  They have as good as selection as you’ll find anywhere so I was at the right place as I was looking for any of the following titles: Comet Vomit, Uranus Monkey Bars, Your Anus Swing Set, Moon-Drenched or Saturn’s Tepid Backwash.

Well, actually I wasn’t looking for any of these. But I did find Moon-Drenched by a very gentle stroke of luck. I was looking for basically any TV on the Radio records except for Dear Science, since that is the sole title by TVOTR that I have on vinyl.  My girlfriend has been wanting some of their stuff and she said if I came home empty handed this time she would finger-blast me. I don’t know what she meant by it, but it sounded nefarious and violent.  She has never hit me, but I have been waking up next to her with chapped lips a couple times a week.

As I was looking under Used Kid’s section dedicated to TVOTR I ran across something very interesting, namely, the album titled Moon-Drenched.  I had no idea what this was, but it had a sticker that said with John Dwyer and Kip Malone (hence it being in that section) among others.

I think what I almost liked as well as discovering something so interesting was that when I asked the staff if they knew anything about the record both the people I asked said they didn’t.  I have found sometimes, in some stores, the employees were unable to say that, and the conversation could drift towards the direction of an episode of Portlandia.  It didn’t. They didn’t bullshit at all and were helpful about finding other similar titles, including Bent Arcana which they put an order in for, and I can’t wait to get that on vinyl as well.

Moon-Drenched was the right price, only 15 dollars so even if it wasn’t that great, I would not be out much money, I would just have to deal with my girlfriend’s saucy repercussions.  As it happened the record is amazing.

It is hard to describe.  It sounds a bit like Avant Garde jazz being hijacked by an indie rock rhythm.  As I wrote that I realize it means almost nothing.  I am surprised there is an official video for a track, but here it is. Psychic Liberation

As I understand it, Moon-Drenched is the second installment of a collection of instrumental and improvised recordings spearheaded by John Dwyer of the Osees.  If you are a fan of that I suggest you check it out. If you have never heard of any of this, I suggest you check it out.  If you have a disgusting rash on your inner thighs, just wait it out it will probably go away on its own.  In any case get some baby powder.  Then get over to Used Kids and check out all the great music they have…or use our record store links to browse online, if your rash makes it too painful to walk. Back to Moon-Drenched

It’s easier if you listen to get a feel for what Moon-Drenched is all about– so here is another, The War Clock

Thanks to Used Kids I found some music I was blatantly unaware of, and I have since picked up another title in this “series” Witch Egg and I love that one too. Going to record stores is good for you! Better than a Rash!

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