Here is another wonderful mystery list and this time I want some fucking guesses on what it means.  Please frame your guesses in the form of questions, here at VinylPull we value décor and sophistication.

  1. Mini-Skirts
  2. Doorknobs
  3. Gonorrhea
  4. Fire Hydrants
  5. Magnum P.I.

This is pretty obvious, so please just give it your best shot.

Now let us move on to David Keenan’s top 5 (well 4) albums of all time.  For any of you who were black out drunk when you read the last installment Mr. Keenan is an artist and I think his artwork speaks for itself–the image for this blog is his work but check it out here.

Also don’t feel guilty if you blacked out, I’m probably blacked out right now, but is from all the blood rushing to my head from the above list—that is a clue!

Also, I realized I was and am stupid enough to list 6 instead of 5 in the last blog, did any of you catch that?

Here it is Mr. Keenan’s list and in his own words:


#4 Rush – Hemispheres . My favorite band of all time. Choosing a favorite Rush album is not easy. This album (and it’s a red vinyl) I have two , is an absolute musical masterpiece. Probably the greatest instrumental ever. (La Villa Strangiato ) Could not live without this one .

#3 Bad Company – Bad Co. (First album). People are a little surprised when I say this is one of my favorite albums. It just fits the complete album requirements. Have to listen to the entire album every time. Each song a gem .

#2 Pink Floyd -Wish you were here . My 4th favorite band just blows our minds here . Of course Dark Side is truly great but this is my favorite Pink Floyd.

#1 Deep Purple – Made in Japan . The only live album I have (it’s a little cheating) sings from different albums. I chose all albums because they are pure gold from first song to last . A complete album in my eyes (ears) . Had to get at least one live album on here . This band is pure talent, all members. This live show is a feast .


I suppose I’ll say what impressed me most about this list, is his choice for number one (also, I think its perfectly fine to have a live album in your top ten, in my last go at it I I had 2). The only Deep Purple album I own is a greatest hits on cassette from when I was 9.  My dad bought it for me, and he and I were recently just watching some guitarists on YouTube and he told me Ritchie Blackmore did some Eddie Van Halen shit, before Eddie Van Halen.  He worded it different.  He said, “tuck your shirt in, wipe that shit eating grin off your face and go fuck yourself.”, but I knew what he really meant.


Since I like David’s other picks so well, (Wish You Were Here might be my favorite Floyd album, that or Animals), I will check out Made in Japan.  That is really the point of the blog and more so for our app TriYou coming in a few weeks.


Now get to guessing you sonsabitches.

52 thoughts on “Vinyl Pull No. 53

  1. What are the things that will make you chafe when you get them too close to your P or V?

    What’s a germaphobe’s worst nightmare?

    What are the names of the colors of Machine Gun Kelly’s new nail polish line?

    Gosh I don’t know but I do know this is another solid list.

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