Vinyl Pull No. 45

Listen here my Kraut Mick friend!

That is my favorite line from The Godfather and a perfect one for St. Patrick’s Day, I think.  I’m a bit of a Kraut Mick myself so I’m also a bit offended…so fuck me!

Being it a big day for the booze, let’s talk about that for a moment.  I once got drunk and posted my bush on Facebook.  I don’t think that is true but regardless I don’t drink anymore. Maybe it’s because I did get drunk and take a shit in the neighbor’s yard.  No, it’s not that, I consider that a positive achievement.  It could be that my cousin Seth and I on a Tuesday evening vowed to take it easy, so we split a fifth of Captain Morgan’s Rum in the time it took to watch an episode of South Park, went to a bar where I puked on a table, got a friend of ours to agree to drive us to California and then I totally blacked out.  When I came to, we were 15 miles outside of Pittsburgh.

But I didn’t quit because of that either.  It was because one Sunday afternoon when Seth and I were hungover we decided to get white wine spritzers.  We went to the store and bought Sutter Home strawberry wine and Sprite and made ourselves two drinks.  We had a few sips and Seth said, “I’d rather have to call my dad and tell him I got another DUI then that I’m drinking this shit.” We went back to the store and got 40’s and drank that day away. Well, that’s not why I quit either, shit let’s talk about music.

When I think about booze and music Jim Morrison comes to mind.  So, let’s go with a Doors’ album.  L.A. .Woman is the one I have been listening to the most recently and it has a boozy, bluesy feel to it:

If you’re drinking, you should have enjoyed that. Have you ever got so drunk you failed at masturbation?  Me too. French kissed your second cousin? I haven’t done that yet, but saw my friend try to do that really hard at a bonfire one beautiful evening.

I got into The Doors heavy when I was about 12 and it was by listening to a double best of c.d. that I bought my dad for Father’s Day.  So, when I go back to the albums there are some that I’m not burnt out on, and L.A. woman has a decent amount of them.  Really only the title track and Riders on the Storm have been overexposed for me, so this album is still a treat.

Robby Krieger said in an interview when referring to his guitar playing style that he just didn’t want to sound like Chuck Berry since everybody at that time was doing that. If you pay attention to Krieger, he really does have a unique sound, listen how he does John Lee Hooker’s Crawling King Snake:

Really the whole band is unique and unbelievably talented.  I think John Densmore studied jazz drumming and he has a style of his own that suited the band perfectly.  I have borrowed my dad’s copy of this one on vinyl, so I really do need to buy my own, and that is also true of their debut album and Morrison Hotel.  I do have a pretty beat up copy of Waiting for the Sun. If you for some reason have not listened to The Doors much any of those I suggest checking out, you can use our links to some indie record stores!


Right now, for St. Patties day, I want to drink 14 white claws and try to get really Catholic on a tree trunk!

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