Vinyl Pull No. 41

I refuse to take no for an answer. That is, unless the person telling me no is bigger, smarter, tougher, wealthier, better looking, smokes cigarettes, has neck tattoos, intimidating piercings, is uncircumcised or in any way just a better person.

Almost always at least one of these criteria are met, but when they are not, I REFUSE to take no for an answer!

I was looking for a good domain name and coming up short, but I refused to take no for an answer and kept the search up.

Want to know what I came up with through my sheer determination and persistence? Of course you do. check it out, it’s available, do you believe that shit? Refused!

Refused also happens to have one of my favorite albums, The Shape of Punk to Come. I think I would classify it as hardcore art. The inner sleeve shows what appears to be rehearsal space with a giant poster of Coltrane on the wall. And even more appealing to me is they quote my favorite writer and all-around artist ever Henry Miller, out of my favorite book, Tropic of Cancer in Protest Song 68. “To sing you must first open your mouth, you must have a pair of lungs and a little knowledge of music, it is not necessary to have an accordion or a guitar. The essential thing is to want to sing. This then is a song. I am singing.”

Any band that would include this in their music has my full attention, here it is:

Just the cover of this album is outstanding and as you can see, they describe the album as “A Chimerical Bombination in 12 Bursts” I wish I would have thought of that, but before you come off cute at the mouth, I did think of

Eat that noise!

The song, or more accurately the video that introduced this album to me was New Noise, if you have never heard the song or seen the video you are in for a treat:

I didn’t find out until this year that the title of the album is a reference to Ornette Coleman’s revolutionary “The Shape of Jazz to Come” There are elements of jazz on The Shape of Punk to Come and they fit it in some unusual places—that reminds me I had a dream last night that I tried to shove my Uncle David’s Brussels sprouts testicles in a light socket, that is about as Avant-Garde as I get. I should call my uncle and propose a reality tv show, one big electric episode.

As for the band Refused, they don’t have another release as intense and wonderful as this. It would have been very hard to top for anyone. As it stands, I think if you don’t have it you should go out and buy it today. Links to some really awesome record stores will be available here very soon. But if you need one now check out

Fuck the big chains!

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