At the record store with Ron and Leon (Part 3)

It’s a rueful occasion here at Vinylpull. It’s the final chapter in the Leon and Ron Trilogy. This time we took a trip southwest and visited Omega Music in Dayton, Ohio. They say good things come in threes and on the car ride Leon shoved three salty fingers right in my mouth.

“Ya vuggin vinners dase ike alt” I said, and he suddenly removed them. Quick change of subject, what is your favorite movie trilogy? Mine is the 1st four Rocky’s with the third being my favorite–all the best trilogies have four. I think it is consistently voted the best film of all time, right up there with The Godfather and Citizen Kane. There is not one single jab thrown in the film and I believe Rocky must battle in the ring three times if you count his tangle with Thunderlips, the Ultimate Male. If you are a cinephile you already love Rocky III but if you are a novice and just a fan of oiled up bodies and feathered hair, the film is also for you.

Back to The Adventures of Ron and Leon….

We parked our car, oiled our chests, feathered our hair, and stepped inside Omega. It is very large, by record store standards, and has a phenomenal selection. We were on a time limit since Leon and I had to get back to Columbus for a triple waxing, so we needed to get through the stacks in a hurry. I considered a limited edition of Mudhoney’s My Brother the Cow, Stephen Malkmus’s Sparkle Hard, a live Megadeth album, and something I had never heard of—Wu-Tang vs. The Beatles. Titles like this are a great benefit to a store like Omega, I almost always find something interesting that I have forgot about or never even knew existed.

Keeping with today’s theme of three I narrowed it down to: Frank Zappa and the Mothers Live in Sweden 1967, a Mudhoney E.P. Morning in America ( I was unaware if this too) and went with a used copy of The Raconteurs, Help Us Stranger. The choice was partly motivated by the price, 12.99 in mint condition. I considered this a bargain and reached into my change purse and amongst the treasures in there were 1. Somebody’s vintage retainer 2. A heavily used Penthouse magazine and 3. Money. I had enough, and a nice bonus at Omega is if you forgo the shopping bag they donate the cost to a charity of your choice. Leon grumbled because he hates charity, but he loves chastity. He went all out and bought two albums, the soundtrack to Miami Vice and Steely Dan’s greatest hits. A fact I love about Steely Dan is they got there name from a recurring giant metal dildo in William S. Burrough’s novels, and I often have thought most of their fans probably don’t know that, then again maybe they do.

Here is a little treat. Ronny loves this song. It just happens to clock in at 3 minutes and 3 seconds on the album, see if you are familiar.

Take care you juicy fuckers! Ronny and Leon love you!

42 thoughts on “Vinyl Pull No. 36

  1. Thanks for visiting us and for this hilarious post/review! Hope to see your feathered hair and oiled chests again soon.

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