Sometimes I wish I had a flashier name. Something like Two Penis Pete, but that wouldn’t work because my name isn’t Pete, and I only have one penis and it’s weird looking. Weird Penis Walter, but then again, my name isn’t Walter. Maybe Rob the Knob could work, I think in my younger years I would have got a ton of trim with that moniker. Shithouse Shawn would have been nice but that one wasn’t in the cards for me. I know of at least one Horny Andy so that is already spoken for.

Here’s one—Mississippi Fred McDowell but that is already taken by Mississippi Fred McDowell.

That adroitly brings me to today’s album. Delta Blues by McDowell. I have yet to hear a recording from him I didn’t like, my favorite being Portraits: First Recordings—Fred McDowell, but I can’t even find that one on C.D. now and have never seen it on vinyl.

He is one of my favorite guitar players of all time, and my favorite slide player. My dad told me about him when I started listening to Son House, largely due to Jack White’s cover of Death Letter. I borrowed Portraits from the library and have been hooked since. If I would ever take the time McDowell is the guitar player I’d like to emulate. It’s as raw as music comes and after I listen to him not much else sounds as good.

He seemed to pick one style and play it his whole life, so many of his songs are just re-workings of tunes he stuck with his whole career, but they are perfect. The Black Keys ripped this one off on their 1st or 2nd album:

I’m not pulling these directly from the album, but I don’t think it really matters, and I want to share with you the slide song I like the best, What’s the Matter Now, off portraits:

It is one of the best songs ever in my opinion and on the record I have playing now it’s called, You Gonna Be Sorry.

You’ll hear that there is no flash in his style, which I would guess angered Horny Andy but when you have that much substance who the fuck needs flash.

I hope I have introduced at least one person to the wonderful music and slide playing of Mississippi Fred McDowell and just for shits, giggles, soiled wash cloths, and things that you shave, I will share a more modern cover. I’m certainly not the only one that likes this stuff, but I rarely run across somebody else that does:

As great as that is, I still prefer McDowell. I suggest if you run across any Mississippi Fred McDowell on Vinyl you grab it, in my experience you can’t go wrong there. Also, if you run into Portraits, please buy it and send it to me, I will go down on you even if we are 1st or 2nd cousins.

See you next time,

Love and Mouth Kisses.

Incestie Edward.

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