Vinyl Pull No. 20

Slider. That word just begs for diarrhea jokes doesn’t it? Fortunately, I am way too mature to even mention the word diarrhea in a blog. It’s a hard word to spell too, I bet you can’t do it.

Here is an easier word for everyone to build our confidence—PLUG. I will give you a few seconds…You did it!

T. Rex’s Slider is an album I think you will all enjoy once you grow up and stop thinking about the piss-ass.

It starts off—better yet, blasts off with Metal Guru which sounds like a celebration of the music to come. I had often wondered if there was any other music out there that would remind me of Ziggy era Bowie and this album answered that question for me. I should mention I am very fond of Ziggy Era Bowie. I’m also fond of Butterfinger candy bars but rarely indulge.

It seems Marc Bolan takes a minimalist approach to song writing and it comes out beautiful. Not many can do it as well and listening to it makes you think it might be easy to pen your own tune. If any of you want to give that a shot Uncle Robby will now provide you with some song titles, free of charge:

“Peanut Gallery”


“The Flowers of Change”

“Alien Rectum”

“Poetry in Lotion”

“Never Accept a Hand-job From Anyone Over 150 Pounds”



Let me know what you come up with.

Back to Slider. The title track is one of the best from T.Rex in my sweaty opinion.

I should say I like all thirteen tracks on this one. I was lucky to find this album in a record store, new, for 14.99 several years ago, the sticker is still on it—reminding me of the ever rising price of vinyl making me want to buy a bunch of manure and blow up a KFC.

Another song I think you delicate readers should listen to right now is Buick Mackane:

Every time I hear that one, I think about a time in my very early twenties when I worked on a loading dock and had a supervisor named Dave Buick. He was rumored to have been divorced 4 times, was fat, balding, and smoked incessantly. Someone said he liked to masturbate in Dixie cups and recite Keats directly into his loads, but that someone was me and I don’t think that is true, but I cannot disprove it.

I’d venture to say that Slider is one of the best albums to be released in 1972. Here are some others I would rank as well:

Black Sabbath –Vol.4

Can –Ege Bamyasa

Bowie–Ziggy Stardust

Frank Zappa-Waka/Jawaka

Lou Reed—Transformer

ZZ– Top Rio Grande Mud

Rolling Stones -Exile on Main St.

Pretty good year for music and there are many others as well. BUT, If you have never heard Slider I think you should give it a shot.

I have to go now, I am in desperate need of Plugs, Knobs and Corn.

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