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Here is how I want to start any blog, email, text, written correspondence, or even verbal conversation—you may recognize it from a very great film, in my estimation.  Anyway, here it is:

“Listen here you fuckers, you screwheads…”

A perfect way to start any conversation, I think.  What I want to talk to you fuckers and screwheads about is the return of the vinyl crawl.  It is going to work in the same way as the last one, but hopefully bigger and better.  The same seven stores are participating and here they are in no particular order:  RPM, Lost Weekend, Used Kids, Spoonful, Elizabeth’s, The Needle Exchange, and Magnolia Thunderpussy. White Claw is sponsoring and we hope to see CD 92.9 there as well!  We will be doing the passport system again and you will be able to pick them up at whatever store you prefer, also if you plan to smuggle cocaine in one your holes, or uncles, I think it’s safer to have a passport.

I am pretty sure we didn’t have any full-frontal nudity at the last crawl and I apologize for that and maybe we can make that improvement– I can’t make any guarantees but I will promise that we will try our hardest.

You will probably need the times and date if this is going to be at all successful. It will be held Sunday October 23rd, starting at noon with the after party to be held at Little Rock bar located at 944 N. 4th st, from 4 to 8 p.m. eastern standard.

We hope to have bigger and better prizes this time.  And for all you Game of Thrones enthusiasts there might be an incest package, Stephana loves Game of Thrones so she will be in charge of that.

We will have updates soon and will keep you all posted.

We can’t wait to see all you fuckers and screwheads there!

P.S. Blackhole at the Tuttle Mall will be designing and printing the posters, they will be better than what I have above.  If you have any printing needs I highly suggest them, they do great work!

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